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7 reasons to choose the Harley Vision

Highly specialist care

AI is utilised where possible to complement highly specialist care

State-of-the-Art diagnostic devices

State-of-the-Art diagnostic devices to ensure the assessment is as accurate and comprehensive as possible

Highly advanced new technologies

Highly advanced new technology to deliver world class treatments, without compromising to cut costs

Ophthalmology textbook author

Consultant who is an author on leading research papers and an ophthalmology textbook author

Be under the care of consultants

Be under the care of consultant who regularly deals with complex cornea and cataract conditions at the Western eye hospital, Imperial College Hospitals NHS Trust

Highest board of certification for ophthalmology consultans

Be under the care of a consultant who has achieved the highest board of certification for ophthalmology in the UK (FRCOphth), Canada (FRCSC) and Europe (FEBO)

Clinic led by a consultant eye surgeon

Clinic led by a consultant eye surgeon who is multi-fellowship trained in world renowned eye hospitals in the UK & North America

Specialised in Laser Refractive, Cataract & Cornea Surgery

Services we provide

Laser eye surgery

We combine state-of-art laser technology with extensive surgical expertise. We use SCHWIND AMARIS eye laser system, which offers unparalleled speed and unmatched precision through 7D eye tracking.
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Refractive lens exchange

This is also known as Clear lens replacement. This is a quick procedure in which the natural crystalline lens inside the eye is replaced with an artificial intraocular lens, such as a multifocal lens.
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Cataract surgery

At Harley Vision, our aim is not to simply treat cloudy vision. Through use of premium intraocular lenses, we aim to correct presbyopia (age-related deterioration in near vision), hypermetropia (long-sightedness), myopia (short-sightedness) and/or astigmatism.
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Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL)

This is a fantastic procedure to correct short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism. You can think of it as a soft contact lens, but is implanted into the eye to give brilliant long-term vision.
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Cornea collagen cross-linking

This treatment is effective to halt the progression of cornea ectasia (e.g. keratoconus, post LASIK ectasia, etc). At times, the treatment can be successful in improving cornea shape and vision.
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PTK laser

Harley Vision is a specialist clinic for treatment of complex cornea conditions with PTK laser, including state-of-the-art transepithelial PTK technology.
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Cornea transplants

Our surgeons have travelled around the world to learn the most modern techniques in cornea transplantation. We offer all types of partial and full thickness cornea transplant surgeries.
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YAG laser capsulotomy

YAG laser Capsulotomy is a non-invasive quick laser procedure used to treat posterior capsular opacification (PCO) after cataract surgery. It takes a few minutes and performed in outpatients. .
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Common Eye Disorders and Diseases

Eye Conditions

Using latest technologies

Artificial Intelligence

At the Harley Vision, we combine world-leading clinical expertise with most cutting-edge technology in eye care.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is utilised where possible to optimise treatment outcomes.

Most importantly, ethical and patient-centred focus is at the heart of the care we provide.



Mukhtar Bizrah is the Clinical Director of Harley Vision. He is a consultant refractive, cornea and cataract surgeon and unit training lead at the Western eye hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

Mr Bizrah is multi-fellowship trained (UK & Canada) in advanced refractive, cataract and cornea surgery. He is one of the few ophthalmic surgeons in the world who is board certified in the UK, Canada and Europe:

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