1. Multi-award winning, multi-fellowship trained surgeon

The Clinical director of Harley Vision, Mukhtar Bizrah, is a consultant ophthalmic surgeon at the Western eye hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. He specialises in cornea and cataract surgery. Mukhtar Bizrah is one of the few ophthalmic surgeons in the world who is board certified in the UK, Canada and Europe:

By 2020, he had won 25 awards and prizes on International, national and regional levels. For more details, see ‘About the surgeon’ page.

2. At our clinic, you will be seen by a consultant from the start, not the day of surgery

Harley Vision is state-of-the-art boutique consultant led service, whereby you will spend time with an experienced consultant who will find out your lifestyle requirements and visual aspirations. We combine the latest diagnostic technology with highly experienced consultant care to bring you a personalised care plan. This means that before your surgery, you have met the a highly experienced surgeon who has answered your questions. Rest assured that you will not meet your surgeon for the first time on the day of the surgery!

3. Not tied to any company, we choose the best laser or implants for your eyes

We do not have any special deals with any companies forcing us to use lasers and implants from one company. Although this means this is more expensive for us, because we do not benefit from economies of scale like many other clinics, we simply do not care. What we do care about is having the flexibility to use whatever lens implant or laser technology we think is best for the patient.

Rest assured that at Harley Vision, we will offer you what we believe is the best choice for your eyes, rather than what we are ‘forced’ to use.

The UK is one of the best possible places in the world to have the latest technology in eye surgery, because we have more laser and lens implant choices than many other countries around the world.

4. State-of-the-art technology, lasers and multifocal lens implants

Laser technology:

Our clinical director has treated patients using three of the world’s fastest and more precise laser technologies: Schwind eye-tech-solutions laser technology, iDesign laser technology and Zeiss Visumax/MEL90 lasers.

Modern state-of-the-art excimer lasers have similar accuracy and safety, giving you fantastic visual outcome. We use Schwind eye-tech-solutions laser technology, which has world-renowned precision and speed. However, we advise you to avoid getting stressed about the best laser technology as this stress is often the result of marketing.

What makes a big difference to laser eye surgery outcomes is more:

Lens implants:

We proudly offer patients the best technology in the market from leading intraocular lens providers, including but not limited to:

We are not tied to any of the companies above, and have the freedom to choose the most suitable lens for your lifestyle requirements. This enables us to use the multifocal or monofocal lens implant for your eye that meets your visual requirements, and also fits within your financial budget.

Diagnostic devices:

Harley Vision is based at multiple London sites, which have a wide array of the latest technology in the market. This enables us to have access to multiple scanning devices for each structure of the eye, rather than relying on a specific set of devices available in one clinic. Having access to multiple devices, as well as utilizing AI, gives our surgeons a huge advantage in being able to aim for a level of accuracy and precision that is truly unparalled.

5. Our surgeons offer laser and lens based refractive surgeries, not pressuring you to a specific treatment

Our surgeons are trained in cataract and refractive surgery. You will not be in a situation where the surgeon offers you a lens based treatment (e.g. refractive lens exchange or ICL) because they do not do laser, or vice versa.

This enables us to uniquely offer you what we truly think is best for your eyes.

6. Honest ethical care: We do not falsely promise 20/20 vision

No, we do not promise 20/20 vision, or perfect vision. Just because some clinics make this false promise, it does not make it true or ethical.

Honesty, transparency and compassionate care is at the heart of what we or any other ethical service should strive for.

7. Utilising AI for best possible care

Screening patients for suitability to have laser refractive surgery is arguably the most important step of the surgery. We utilize Ai to minimize risk of serious complications following laser refractive surgery.

One of the most important determinants of your ability to see well after cataract surgery or refractive lens exchange (clear lens replacement) is the power of the custom-powered implant that goes in your eye. This is akin to the power of your glasses or contact lens, i.e. it has to be very accurate for you to see well. We are heavily reliant on AI technology to determine which intraocular lens to implant in your eye, to give you the clearest possible vision after cataract or refractive lens exchange surgery.

8. Believers in education, running ophthalmology courses attended from various continents

Our clinical director has been heavily involved in medical education since his first year as a doctor!

Mukhtar Bizrah has proudly trained over 1,000 ophthalmologist sitting their final ophthalmology exit exams to become senior specialists. He is also the founder of a renowned laser and refractive surgery courses that is attended by eye surgeons who are sitting laser and refractive surgery UK exam (certLRS).

9. Believers in evidence-based care, our surgeons have numerous research studies

Mukhtar Bizrah is actively involved in research, and has been involved in over 50 research papers and international presentations to date.

10. Believers in vision for all, donating …

One of our core missions as an organization to enable excellent vision to patients in both the UK and around the world.

We believe in vision for all. Harley Vision is a lead supporter of ophthalmologists who do pro bono cataract removal in some of the poorest countries around the world. We donate for charitable causes on a monthly basis.